“The Lady’s Mac and Cheese” and other exaggerated portrayals of Southern cuisine

Now that the foodie fervor/outrage surrounding Paula Deen’s diabetes announcement has died down, it seems appropriate to address one reason I believe the food world should be more sensitive to her predicament—namely, the fetishization of southern food. Sure, many may mock Deen’s mayonnaise-driven, multi-fried monstrosities (see “Lady’s Brunch Burger” and “Lady’s Fried Mac and Cheese“) with […]

Enter the taco

I have a taco conundrum. Okay, perhaps taco is the wrong modifier. The conundrum, after all, extends to many meals containing not-small amounts of meat from unidentifiable origins, be they ethical or otherwise: soup dumplings, beef rending, Speed’s hot dogs, banh mi, pho, cubanos… All of these foods, when prepared correctly, are shockingly gratifying. I […]

Here’s the thing

I like to think that I don’t take my job too seriously. When working in the food industry, especially in the food publishing industry, it can be easy to forget that the rest of the world lives in, well, the rest of the world. We operate in a field where decisions about, say, the best […]