On public foraging and the risks of DIY cheese

I seem to have fallen into a black hole of self-taught cheese making in the last couple weeks. I’m hoping to come out the other side in the near future, but for now my mind is full mostly of rennet, cultures, and pasteurization temperatures.

While I stand stirring hot milk, I try to squeeze in thoughts on urban foraging and public spaces. Has anyone else seen these plans for a public food forest in Seattle? A group of gardeners and foragers are planting a public space to pick fruit, vegetables, and other planned “wild” edibles.

The food forest is a grand idea, but it feels a little too utopic to me, but maybe I’m just cynical after eating far too much lactose.

What do you think? Cool? Realistic? Sustainable? Only possible in a smallish food-centric city like Seattle? Would you forage in a planned public space?


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