Fried Green Diaspora at Oxford American: Comfort Food in Cambridge

Next stop in my Bostonian Southern-style food exploration is Tupelo, a cute little place in Inman Square, Cambridge. I wrote about both their dinner and brunch for the Oxford American:

In Search of Southern Cooking in America at Large: Tupelo in Cambridge

Skynyrd and Fried Chicken: Come on in! With a sign like that, who could resist walking into Tupelo on a warm Saturday evening? Lots of people, apparently, for the restaurant was more than half-empty when my friends and I walked in. Much to my dining companions’ chagrin, the staff was not, in fact, playing any Skynyrd. Instead, we were greeted with Neil Young’s “Southern Man”: a little cliché, if you ask me. But we weren’t in much place to argue. After all, one of my friends was wearing cropped seersucker pants…


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