During my senior year of college I got really stressed out. Instead of coping with this stress like a normal 22 year-old by ingesting extreme portions of drugs and alcohol, I started a food blog. Writing the blog was fun, and different, and I got to talk exclusively about my one hobby that hadn’t already been subsumed by my schoolwork. Even though the blog was not widely read, it did land me a couple of jobs pretty early on, and it cemented in me a desire to continue writing (and getting paid to write) about food.

Fast forward a few years: my food blog is all but dead. I now develop recipes full time for a well-known and lauded food publishing company.  work as a freelance writer and personal chef in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. I spend my days cooking, eating, writing, and eating some more. I’d be lying if I tried to claim that getting paid to eat and write for a living totally sucked. But I miss writing and cooking regularly for myself, and my day-to-day work only satisfies a small portion of my culinary interest.

Sometimes I want to poke fun at the realities of my job. Sometimes I want to bitch and moan about new USDA regulations. Sometimes I just want to post a video of the Lady’s Brunch Burger or talk about my family’s food history. Sometimes I just want to quote MFK Fisher and wish there were more food writers content to spin prose instead of the hipstamatic selector on their iphones. So I’m going to try here to cook a wolf. Time to get some water boiling.


You can find more of my writing here, here, and here. My professional website is here. I’m also on tumblr and twitter.

I am also in the market for new cooking clients. If you live in the Bay Area and are in need of help preparing weekly meals or just want to throw a big party, shoot me an email.


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