Olive Oil and Korean Food at Berkeleyside NOSH

I’m behind on my re-posts from my work over on Berkeleyside NOSH. Out today is my piece on a visit to the California Olive Oil Council, a trade group that certifies California oil as extra-virgin quality. There I attended an olive oil sensory panel and learned (or did my best to learn) how to taste […]

Good Eggs at Berkeleyside NOSH

My most recent feature for Berkeleyside NOSH went live yesterday. In this piece, I wrote about my experience using Good Eggs, an online organic food marketplace. The website aims to connect small farmers and artisans in the Bay Area with consumers large and small. Using the gorgeous website was a breeze, and the product I […]

Spring, Easter, and Dill Pollen (plus cornbread and macaroons)

The lazy weeks of March have somehow turned into the nonstop work days of April. All of a sudden, spring showed up with daffodils and sunshine. There are many peas to shuck and many visitors with whom to sup. I can tell it’s going to be a vibrant and exciting next couple of months. I […]

Food Trucks at Berkeleyside NOSH

This week, I wrote about a couple of food trucks looking to expand their business by opening brick-and-mortar restaurants. While I didn’t intend for the story to stoke a fire of controversy, its original headline and convoluted message caused a small uproar amongst devoted fans. To clarify, both LIBA Falafel and 510Burger will continue to […]