Olive Oil and Korean Food at Berkeleyside NOSH

I’m behind on my re-posts from my work over on Berkeleyside NOSH. Out today is my piece on a visit to the California Olive Oil Council, a trade group that certifies California oil as extra-virgin quality. There I attended an olive oil sensory panel and learned (or did my best to learn) how to taste […]

The hunt for khinkali and a dinner with Satellite Republic

When I was visiting St. Petersburg, Russia last spring, I ate my first bites of Georgian food. As far as Matt was concerned, much of the best food in Petersburg comes out of restaurants specializing in food from the southern Caucuses: Georgia and Armenia’s proximity to Turkey and the Mediterranean lends the food a vibrancy […]

I think I’ll eat salad for dinner

Two weeks ago, I filled my kitchen with Athens, GA–Cajun–Carolina southern cooking: Sausage-laced low country boil, mile-high cathead biscuits and tomato gravy, mayo coleslaw, rice salad, and stacks on stacks of buttery blondies. Korean fried chicken wings at least once. Beignets that same day. Last week, I plowed through pounds of potatoes, butter, lamb shoulder […]

Food Trucks at Berkeleyside NOSH

This week, I wrote about a couple of food trucks looking to expand their business by opening brick-and-mortar restaurants. While I didn’t intend for the story to stoke a fire of controversy, its original headline and convoluted message caused a small uproar amongst devoted fans. To clarify, both LIBA Falafel and 510Burger will continue to […]