Spring, Easter, and Dill Pollen (plus cornbread and macaroons)

The lazy weeks of March have somehow turned into the nonstop work days of April. All of a sudden, spring showed up with daffodils and sunshine. There are many peas to shuck and many visitors with whom to sup. I can tell it’s going to be a vibrant and exciting next couple of months. I […]

I think I’ll eat salad for dinner

Two weeks ago, I filled my kitchen with Athens, GA–Cajun–Carolina southern cooking: Sausage-laced low country boil, mile-high cathead biscuits and tomato gravy, mayo coleslaw, rice salad, and stacks on stacks of buttery blondies. Korean fried chicken wings at least once. Beignets that same day. Last week, I plowed through pounds of potatoes, butter, lamb shoulder […]

Fried Green Diaspora at Oxford American: Comfort Food in Cambridge

Next stop in my Bostonian Southern-style food exploration is Tupelo, a cute little place in Inman Square, Cambridge. I wrote about both their dinner and brunch for the Oxford American: In Search of Southern Cooking in America at Large: Tupelo in Cambridge Skynyrd and Fried Chicken: Come on in! With a sign like that, who could resist walking […]